How To Be a Persuasive Climate Activist in Your Community

We are very pleased to announce that Impactful Tourism Consultancy has recently completed the Climate Reality Leadership Corp training led by Al Gore and world renowned scientists. Participants leave the climate action training sessions with the knowledge and tools to shape public opinion, inspire action in their community, and lead the global fight for climate solutions. Moving forward, the team at ITC will be working to educate and inform the responsible tourism community on climate action through the development of workshops and educational literature. 

Are you interested in making a difference in your own community but not sure where to start? Below, ITC has assembled a handy list of climate activities for every day action. 

Section 1: Write

Write a Blog Post, News Article, Letter, or Op-ed: You can discuss the climate crisis on your own blog, in a news publication, magazine, or other related online publication. 

Create a Resource: Create and share a custom slideshow, toolkit, scientific report, work of art, film, curriculum, or other resource about the climate crisis.

Section 2: Outreach 

Contact or Meet an Influencer: This category is for any letter, email, or phone call to an influencer on the topic of climate change. It also includes any in-person meeting with an influencer to discuss the climate crisis. An influencer is an individual who holds an elected position or is a community, government, or business leader.

Direct Public Outreach: This includes phone banking, petition gathering, door-to-door canvassing, peer-to-peer outreach, participating in a partnership or coalition, or recruiting other volunteers to a climate action campaign. 

Section 3: Present 

Give a Presentation: Take the Climate Reality Leadership Corps training and learn how to give a persuasive presentation designed by Al Gore to different public interest groups. 

Media Appearance: If you are quoted in or interviewed for a news article, television broadcast, podcast, webinar, or radio show about the climate crisis. This can also mean giving a public talk or speech about the climate crisis that is not a formal presentation.

Section 4: Events

Participate in an Event: Attend and participate in events held by local climate change and environmental stewardship organizations. Also encourage others to attend by sharing the event information through social media channels. 

Organize an Event: This category covers any environmental event you organize or help to organize. This might include a chapter meeting, branch event, march, demonstration, conference, rally, or other event.

By participating in any of the climate change actions listed above you are joining the millions using their voices and everyday choices to tackle the climate crisis. For more information on recommended climate change organizations in Canada, please visit the Climate Action Network.

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