How Will Canadians Travel in 2021: The Latest Trends & Statistics

As Canadians receive their vaccinations over the coming months, tourism operators and DMOs are starting to anticipate a resurgence in travel from the “Great White North”. Thanks to a recent research report by Development Counsellors International we have better insight into how and where Canadians will be travelling in 2021. Check out the latest trends and statistics below.

  1. 65% of Canadian travellers say they will travel again once a vaccine has been developed for COVID-19. 
  1. Canadians under the age of 30 will be the earliest adopters of travel with 30% stating they are ready to travel now. These young adults are looking for cultural experiences, outdoor adventure, and an “instagrammable” location. 
  1. The regions of most interest for future travel among Canadians are North America (43%), the Caribbean (41%), and Western Europe (34%). 
  1. Within North America, 41% of Canadian travellers are interested in visiting Mexico, followed by California (39%) and Hawaii (35%). Florida still remains in the top five tourism destinations for Canadians with 30% of travellers reporting they would be interested in visiting the state. 
  1. Half of Canadian tourists say they will prioritize travel over other purchases in 2021 and 49% are expected to take longer trips when they decide to travel again. The average trip purchase for Canadians will be higher than the pre-covid average, coming in at more than $4000 per person.  
  1. It is no surprise that safety and sanitation standards supersede all other factors when Canadians are considering which destination to visit. This is closely followed by quality accommodation and beautiful natural environments as important factors in destination selection for 2021. 
  1. Interestingly, the niche areas of tourism that are expected to decline the most will be local festivals and celebrations, romantic destinations, and destinations accessible by car. Travel experts are suggesting that Canadians are not interested in spending any additional time with their romantic partners. 
  1. 68% of Canadian tourists say that they will prefer to stay in resorts and hotels, over other accommodation options such as private home rentals (24%). This is due to mandated sanitation standards across global hotels brands and new processes that reduce interaction with staff.  
  1. 60% of Canadians reported that they are more willing to take a flight with one additional stop or transfer for their next international leisure trip.

10. It will take longer for the cruise industry to bounce back than other tourism sectors. 65% of Canadians report that they are not at all interested in taking a cruise in the near future.

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