An Interview with Catherine Kontos from RetreatBoss™

After many years of retreat building experience, Catherine Kontos developed the The RetreatBoss™ Certification program as a way of providing her clients with step-by-step lessons on retreat development. Her goal was to help clients build their business faster by providing tools that would save them time, money, and stress. During our interview, Catherine discusses her own experience in the retreat industry, big changes that have happened since the pandemic started, and how retreat organizers can best adapt.

Our Climate Action Plan

  During the summer of 2020, Impactful Tourism signed up to Tourism Declares, an initiative that supports tourism businesses, organizations and individuals in declaring a climate emergency and taking purposeful action to reduce their carbon emissions as per the advice from The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) to cut global carbon emissions to 55%Continue reading “Our Climate Action Plan”

Seeds & Stories: A Regenerative Project in Western Uganda

During an interview with Impactful Tourism Consultancy, researcher and social impact founder Margarida Vasconcelos discusses her new regenerative fashion line Seeds and Stories Uganda. Seeds and Stories is a social enterprise that focuses on empowering women in rural Uganda by providing vocational training programs and employment opportunities. “All our products are handmade by local womenContinue reading “Seeds & Stories: A Regenerative Project in Western Uganda”

How Will The COVID-19 Vaccine Affect Travel?

As federal health agencies deem COVID-19 vaccines safe for use, countries around the globe will start to administer mass vaccination efforts. Many are wondering how this will impact international travel and the resurgence of the tourism industry. Below we have discussed the changes that travellers and tourism operators are likely to experience over the comingContinue reading “How Will The COVID-19 Vaccine Affect Travel?”

An Interview with Kim Bennett from AtlasGuru

After working for some of North America’s leading brands, Kim Bennett was inspired to start AtlasGuru, a publishing platform where travellers can share their stories and misadventures. During our interview, Kim discusses her own experience in the marketing industry, the value of self-authoring platforms to travellers, and how these websites can ultimately democratize the travelContinue reading “An Interview with Kim Bennett from AtlasGuru”